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About Me

Hello there! Nice to meet you. I am Emmanuel, I am a broadcaster by profession, a writer, columnist and storyteller by hobby and of course, a foodie by choice. When I am not goofing around, I create and develop brilliant contents (exactly! contents like the one you are reading right about now) that are thought-provoking and engaging. I also contribute to creative projects as a freelancer.

As an individual, I am most passionate about radio broadcasting, sharing love and using my craft to effect a change in my own space. I strongly believe the only way there could be light and happiness around the world is by each of us brightening our own little corner our way.

Writing has always been the loudest and most powerful way I could make my voice heard, hence over the past seven years, I have used this gift through public speaking and the social media to talk, contribute and shed light on prominent issues around the globe ranging from feminism, politics, human rights, God’s love and with the most recent; depression.

On the lighter side, I also channel my thoughts and life experiences into fiction stories that could be more or less said to be comical (Life of a Banter is on this table) but also have teachable lessons embedded within so as to drive home the point and entertain at the same time.

We were all put on the earth surface by Abba for a reason;

This is me fulfilling my ‘reason’.