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A captivating book that will have you hooked from the very first page till the end. It is a must read for everyone as it provides insights into the many things we were not told about depression and how it slowly eats a person from the inside out. I would highly recommend that you pick up your own copy and delve into the beautiful world that Emmanuel has created.

– Amu Inioluwa (Blogger)

Emmanuel has painted a perfect picture of our daily lives and how we lie to ourselves that we are doing absolutely great but sinking gradually. Do not wait till you get a similar suicidal note like that of the protagonist “…if you are reading this, it means I have moved on; it means it’s too late for me”.

Suicide is never an option!

– Stacy Ketiku

(Content Developer and Blogger at

I had the opportunity of reading this book as a manuscript, and I’ve been excited ever since. ‘Masked’ does not just give a vivid representation of a problem. It reveals certain causes and factors that could be responsible for the problem in everyday living. It however does not end there. The book has also provided valuable practical solutions to the problem it presents; all these through the use of an entertaining characterization. Each chapter is a whole new experience, I must say.‘Masked’ is indeed a gift!

– Olajire Oluwatomisona (Writer and Editor)


In a time like this when depression is no longer an abstract subject but a reality that needs to be discussed. Masked answers every question on the subject matter and is a wonderful read from the beginning to the end. Thank You Emmanuel for the wonderful piece.

– Comfort Akanbi (Economist, Accountant and Author)

Emmanuel has masterfully put pen to paper and thereby produce a literary art work that will no doubt captivate, thrill and inspire any reader both young and old. The fulcrum of the book touches on a very vital aspect of life in Nigeria especially for enterprising young Nigerians, their hopes, dreams, travail, victories and aspirations. This is project is definitely a must read.

– Chinedu S. Echem (Lawyer)